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History of Chamorros in Hawaii

Nov 12, 2013 by     Comments Off    Posted under: Uncategorized

Chamorros have been in the Hawaiian Islands as early as the 1800s. They arrived in the Islands aboard whaling ships, where they served as crew members. In Hawaiian records  they were often listed as Spaniards, and many married local women.

In recent history, many Chamorros have been coming to these islands as part of their service in the US military. Some have chosen to remain here after their service. Around the same time, there were also a small number from the Marianas who came seeking post-secondary education, a trend which continues to the present day.

Aside from military service and education, many Chamorros are here because of work. Many of them here working for the medical referral divisions of their respective island governments. The CNMI government’s medical referral office, referred to as the Marianas Hawaii Liaison Office, provides for the needs of CNMI patients who are forced to come to Hawaii to receive required treatment that doesn’t exist in the CNMI or Guam. The same reason stands for those who work for the Guam Medical Referral.




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